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César Ramos, Managing Partner

Contact information

César Ramos
France: +33676691262
Brazil: +5511982725827

Independent Auditor and Certified Public Accountant in Brazil.

César is French, of Spanish origin, he initiated his auditing career in Paris in 1997 within the Arthur Andersen network and later within the Ernst & Young network after the merger of these companies in France. He is currently managing partner of the audit and consulting firm César Ramos & Co, which he founded in Brazil in 2013.

César is an auditor registered at the Brazilian Register of Independent Auditors (Cadastro Nacional dos Auditores Independentes) and is authorized to audit all types of companies, including financial institutions regulated by the Brazilian Central Bank (BCB) and regulated insurance companies. by SUSEP. César specialized in corporate finance, financial instruments and hedging. He regularly assists Brazilian listed companies in the implementation of financial hedging strategies with derivatives and the application of Hedge Accounting rules provided for by IFRS 9.

César graduated from Sciences Po Paris where he obtained a degree from the Economical and Finance section (1996) and a Master in Corporate Finance and International Capital Markets (1997). In Brazil, César Ramos graduated from São Paulo with a Master’s Degree in Management (Mestrado en administração, USP, 2009) and a Degree in Accounting (Bacharel em ciências contábeis, FCE, 2013). He is currently enrolled in a law degree at the Sorbonne (Paris, France).

César uses the following languages ​​professionally: French, Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Professional Trajectory (1997 – 2018)

César est né à Paris en 1971. Il a plus de 20 ans d’expérience en services d’audit et de conseil.

In the Arthur Andersen network, César began his career specializing in auditing long-term contracts and assessing financial losses in major international litigation. Between 1997 and 2002, César worked for more than two years in the United Kingdom, one year in Spain and several months in Argentina. During this period, he also carried out several acquisition audits and internal control reviews abroad, notably in Spain and Brazil. In October 2003, he began his expatriation in Brazil.

Between 2003 and 2012, César was Executive Director in charge of the audit of Brazilian subsidiaries of French groups representing Ernst and Young France in Brazil (French Business Center). In the São Paulo office, he became a member of the IFRS technical group, a member of the Financial Accounting & Advisory Services (FAAS) group, IFRS instructor at the EY Corporate University and leader of the Hedge Accounting service line. . After having been responsible for auditing the French subsidiaries reporting their financial statements to the parent company under IFRS, César subsequently specialized in auditing and consulting activities with Brazilian listed companies operating in the financial markets. agricultural and mineral raw materials.

Since 2013, César Ramos is Managing Partner of the firm César Ramos & Co that he founded in Brazil. César was also “Conselheiro Fiscal” of the company Helibras, appointed by the Airbus Group in 2017. The Brazilian “Conselheiro Fiscal” is a member of the supervisory board that is required by the Brazilian law of anonymous companies.


Below, the main books published by César Ramos in Brazil.

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